The new cool trend is love handles. And thank goodness for that. The body positive revolution is in motion and people are moving closer to accepting people of all body shapes and sizes. Of course, being unhealthily overweight is not condoned in any way, but a little something to grab onto is always appreciated. 

Steven Martin

The National Student

This hunk of man has just signed a plus size modelling contract in the UK for the agency, Bridge Models. He is one of the first men, along with Ben Whit and Peter Mayer, to represent the company and he's looking amazing doing it.

The agency said, “It is an exciting time in the industry. There have been a lot of changes and more recently an increase in the demand for a wider range of men’s clothing sizes."

Ben Whit


Ben is a 6'1" plus-size man from Surrey, England, covered in tattoos with an impressive beard. He's someone that doesn't usually spring to mind when you think "model." However, his build and cool style has landed him an awesome modelling contract.

“I think that people jump straight to one conclusion when it comes to the phrase plus size,” he said. "But it means many things and for women in modelling it’s about being curvier and for men, representing those that are broader. I’m really glad that companies are now catering for the larger man.”

Zach Miko


IMG Models have recently introduced the new-plus men's division called "Brawn." The president of the company, Ivan Bart, says, “Brawn has a body positive message. Brawn is physical strength.”

Zach Miko, who is 6’6” and has a 40-inch waist, was the first model to be signed to this new brand.

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