Suge Knight is one of the most infamous figures in the history of hip hop. He has a sordid past that involves numerous prison sentences, and has been rumored to physically coerce rappers in order to sign deals. Knight even had some involvement in the death of some of rap’s most prominent figures. Here are facts about the Death Row Records mogul that most people don’t know. 

10. Football Scholarship

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The burly record exec played high school football and even earned himself a scholarship to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. He even enjoyed a short stint playing professionally for the Los Angeles Rams as a replacement player during the 1987 NFL strike.

9. Members Only Club


Owning a club was another of Knight’s business ventures. In 1994, he opened a private club in Las Vegas called Club 662 that people could enter by appointment only. The name has significance as 662 spells out “M-O-B” on keypads, and is an acronym for Member Of Bloods, a gang Suge has been affiliated with.

8. Real Name

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“Suge” is the nickname he is most famous for, and he is often referred to as Marion “Suge” Knight, but that’s not even his real name. The former hip hop mogul was born Hugh Knight, and “Suge” is short for his childhood nickname “Sugabear.”

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