People of the interwebs are always looking for a new conspiracy theory to throw out into the universe, and this time One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has found himself in the middle of gossip about his newborn son, Freddie.

New Dad

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When celebrities become parents, fans worldwide want to join in the celebration. However, for One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, his fans have spent much more time trying to prove that his newborn son, Freddie, is nothing but a fake.



Some fans came out to say that the black and white photo Louis posted on his Instagram feed of he and his son was nothing more than a poor photoshop job. They noted that Freddie's head wasn't making contact with Louis, that certain positions of Louis' tattoos were off, and making the photo black and white made it easier to distort any Photoshop mistakes.

Manufactured Relationship

Louis Tomlinson Instagram

A Tumblr user took a screenshot of Twitter user @BrianaFacts, a fan account for the mother of Louis's child, Briana Jungwirth. The problem is, this account was supposedly made in May of 2015, way before Briana was even associated with Louis. This leads many to believe that the band's management team was behind it, setting the scene for the fake relationship and baby.

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