The human body is a finicky thing, and a fitness blogger is trying to educate people on how looks can be deceiving. Especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

Blogging Beauty

Tiffany Brien Instagram

Irish Fitness and fashion blogger Tiffany Brien has developed a reputation for herself as being both fit and fabulous.

Bangin' Body

Tiffany Brien Instagram

She likes to post photos of of having beach adventures with her friends, showcasing a body that women all over the world would die for.

The Illiusion

Tiffany Brien Instagram

However, the other day Tiffany purposefully wanted to burst everyone's bubble and show that her social media persona may be a bit of an illusion for those that hope to look like her. Taking to her Facebook, she wrote a long post alongside side by side photos of her that show the mystery of the human body.

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