Cancer has been an epidemic for quite some time. The disease still has no cure for it. Ovarian cancer, a cancer that only affects women, is what many people refer to as a silent killer. There are some warning signs though. 

Early Warning Signs

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Even silent killers, like ovarian cancer, have early warning signs. They can sometimes be easily dismissed by doctors and people though. If you have bloating or feel unusually full after eating, don’t ignore it! It could be cancer.

Other Warning Signs

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Women with ovarian cancer also reported having some pretty common symptoms (for many colds, diseases) early on. These symptoms include trouble eating, troubling urinating, fatigue, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, menstrual irregularities, and having pain during sex.

The Risk

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Some women are more at-risk for getting ovarian cancer. If your family has a history of ovarian cancer or you have a gene mutation, you may be more at risk. You can get a test for this.

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