Dani Mathers found herself in hot water after a SnapChat selfie went viral. Now she's in trouble with the police and people are saying she's a fat-shamer.

The Playmate


Dani Mathers, Playmate Of The Year 2015, has gained a massive following on social media for being a Playboy model who isn't ashamed to show of her body.

Selfie Story


Recently, Mathers took to her SnapChat to share a gym selfie. In a split photo there was a picture of herself on one side with a photo of a naked woman changing in the background. She wrote on the photo, "If I can't unsee this then you can't either."

Swift Backlash


Just as quickly as the photo went up, the photo was gone, but not before the internet swiftly criticized Mathers for what they called was fat shaming.

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