Pokemon are not the only thing being caught using the new Pokemon Go app. One man was busted by his girlfriend for cheating when the game’s GPS gave away his location. The game has helped police catch some criminals, while also leading others into the arms of would-be assailants.  

Pokemon Nostalgia


The Pokemon Go craze is rooted in nostalgia, and Evan Scribner took his love for all things nostalgic a little too far when he decided to hook up with an ex-girlfriend. There is nothing wrong with rekindling old flames, that is unless, like Evan, you have a girlfriend.

Caught By GPS

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Evan’s current girlfriend was wondering where he was, so she did a little sleuthing using the GPS locator on the insanely popular app and discovered where her boyfriend had been hiding. “She saw that I had caught a Pokemon while at my ex’s house,” the philanderer told the New York Post.

Getting Caught

NY Post

For the few who have yet to download the app, it allows users to take part in an augmented reality game on their smartphone where they can catch Pokemon characters in the real world. Ironically, this is exactly what happened to Evan.

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