Tesla motors keeps making headlines with its line of classy, energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric cars. Celebrities like Matt Damon and George Clooney are known to sport them around Hollywood. Tesla motors has just unveiled it's first in a line of SUVs, and along with the futuristic, luxury trappings of Tesla comes some outrageous new features!

New Wave


Tesla Motors began in 2003 under the auspice of developing a new kind of automobile, one that would gain drive power from only an electric battery which could be charged in the home.

Making a Splash


In 2009, Tesla finally started selling automobiles to the public. The initial response, despite steep price tags on the vehicles, was overwhelmingly positive. Motortrend magazine declared "Tesla is the first maker to crack the EV legitimacy barrier in a century."



Since their initial offerings, Tesla has expanded it's fleet to include several new designs of vehicle. In addition, the company has also advanced battery technology, and now offers batteries to power the home off the electrical utility grid.

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