When you think of self-improvement, you probably think of the huge changes you'd have to do to make your life better. Maybe joining a gym or changing your entire diet. It's daunting, right? Well, some very smart people on Reddit shared the little lifestyle changes they've made to change their lives dramatically. If this doesn't motivate you, nothing will.

Time Passes Regardless

TitaniumTurtle shared a very helpful mental trick. He says that he realized that time passes regardless of what he does, so he'd rather look back at the last few months and think, "wow, what an improvement." It's certainly better than letting the time pass with no change.

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Judging Others

We all judge the people around us, whether we like it or not. User lols-worthy suggested that every time you think something negative about someone, you go out of your way to come up with two things you like about them. It made him a more positive person over time.

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Skipping Reruns

Macrolinx wanted to use his time better, so he made this small change: He no longer watches reruns of TV shows. He'll only watch a TV show or movie he's never seen. This cuts down on a lot of time spent mindlessly staring at the TV.

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