When you think of self-improvement, you probably think of the huge changes you'd have to do to make your life better. Maybe joining a gym or changing your entire diet. It's daunting, right? Well, some very smart people on Reddit shared the little lifestyle changes they've made to change their lives dramatically. If this doesn't motivate you, nothing will.

Ignoring Other People's Criticism

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JoOngle stopped listening to other people's negative comments about him, and he has an amazing reason why: "Turns out people are terribly insecure about themselves." It informs what negative things they say about you, so their judgement isn't pure.

Proactive Instead Of Reactive

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For YummyDevilsAvocado, he made the change to be proactive instead of reactive. He only worries about things he has control over. Since an annoying driver on his way to work can't be helped, he doesn't focus on it.

Making Your Bed

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It only takes a minute, so octoberyellow makes her bed first thing every morning. It's super easy, makes your bedroom look nice and your bed will be more inviting once it's time to sleep.

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