You've probably heard about how awesome Japanese toilets can be—but what about their bathrooms in general? According to this cute video from the YouTube channel "Life Where I'm From", there are 12 things that make Japanese bathrooms better than anywhere else.

Separate Bathroom Areas


Rather than having the toilet, bathtub and sink all in one room like Western bathrooms, Japanese bathrooms separate all three so they can be used by three people at the same time. Bonus: Less chance of icky smells!

Extendable Faucets


Want to wash your baby in the sink? Japanese bathrooms feature faucets with extendable spray wands to make it easier to wash all manner of things.

Pre-Washing Stations


In Japan, people give themselves a pre-wash before getting in the tub. Each bathroom has a pre-washing station with a seat, bucket and sprayer to help you get clean.

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